Yesterday, Senator Rob Portman visited the Sheffer Corporation, a premier cylinder manufacturing business based in Cincinnati, to tour the facility, meet with employees, and take part in the announcement of the business’s reinvestment into its workers. Sheffer Corporation announced that all 126 employees will be given $1,000 bonuses with the money the business expects to save as a result of the recently-signed tax reform law.

Photos of the visit can be found here. Excerpts of Cincinnati TV highlights can be found below:

Cincinnati WCPO

“Senator Rob Portman was in the tristate today talking tax reform that he says will help businesses and workers. He met with employees at Sheffer Corporation in Blue Ash. That company announced new bonuses for its workers as a result of the tax reform law signed by President Donald Trump a few weeks ago. Portman has been very vocal about his support for tax reform. He says it will help middle class families and create jobs with higher wages.”

Portman: “This is an opportunity to come by a company that's going to take the tax bill, and use it directly to help their employees. This is exactly what we hoped would happen — is that companies would get a little bit of tax relief so they can be more competitive, are going to invest in their people."

Cincinnati WLWT

“Workers at a Blue Ash manufacturing facility have more spending money to celebrate in the New Year thanks to corporate tax cuts. Ohio U.S. Senator Rob Portman visited Sheffer Corporation today. He helped the company announce that it would give every worker a $1,000 bonus. Senator Portman says it is part of a national investment in the middle class.”

NOTE: Another Ohio-based company, Fifth Third Bank, as well as others across the country such as AT&T, American Airlines, Boeing, Comcast, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Southwest Airlines, Wells Fargo and others have also recently announced that they are reinvesting in their workers, their businesses, or both as a result of this tax reform law. Portman recently delivered a floor speech detailing how tax reform will help the middle class, boost jobs, and increase wages. A brief summary of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act can be found here.