During an interview on Fox News today, Senator Portman, a conferee on the House-Senate conference committee that is negotiating the final tax reform bill, discussed how tax reform will help the middle class, create jobs, and boost wages for American workers. Portman, who has held six tax reform roundtables in Ohio with local business leaders in recent months, has been vocal on the national stage calling for tax reform, including during recent interviews on CBS This Morning, Fox News, CNN, CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV, and NBC’s Meet The Press twice, as well as recently in op-eds in the Akron Beacon Journal, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Delaware Gazette, and Cincinnati Enquirer. The tax reform effort is widely supported by Ohio small businesses, manufacturers, farmers, and other state and local organizations.

Excerpts can be found below and a video can be found here


I feel good about it. I think it will be out tonight or tomorrow, and then we will have a vote Tuesday or Wednesday. I think the votes were there last time in the Senate, and they will be there this time because the bill, if anything, has improved after the House-Senate conference. You will see substantial middle-class tax relief, which is a lot of people are looking for, and in terms of the child tax credit for folks who are on the lower end of the economic ladder. I think it will be a very popular bill and among our Republican colleagues I think we will get the votes.


“Marco has a passion for making sure that the child tax credit really works for families who are maybe not paying income tax but paying payroll taxes, and that's what he is insistent on the refundability. I respect that. He is looking out for the very people we’re all trying to help. I think in the end, the bill will be improved, and we will get the support of our Republican colleagues. I hope some Democrats will take a look at it. After all it is tax cuts for middle class families and it is helping folks at the bottom of the economic ladder, as Marco has insisted. It also makes our businesses and our workers competitive again. We can’t have the current situation where jobs and investment are going overseas.”