October 04, 2016

29 Speeches Later

This year, Senator Portman delivered remarks on the Senate floor 29 times as part of his tireless effort to raise awareness about the heroin and prescription drug epidemic, and pass his recently signed-into-law Comprehensive Addiction & Recovery Act (CARA). His speeches put pressure on the Senate, and then on the House, to act on this crisis, and helped get his bill enacted into law. They were also critical in securing additional funding to tackle this epidemic. Now Portman is speaking out in favor of the Synthetics Trafficking & Overdose Prevention (STOP) Act, which he introduced last month and which builds on his efforts of more than 20 years to prevent drug addiction and help those struggling with addiction.

As a national leader in the fight against addiction, Portman has furthered the national conversation on addiction and on how to help those who are suffering from it. From the time the Judiciary Committee approved CARA in February to the introduction of the STOP Act in September, Senator Portman gave 26 floor speeches this year on the opioid epidemic:

  1. February 9: Portman Urges Senate Action on the Comprehensive Addiction & Recovery Act
  2. February 11: Portman Continues Drumbeat on Bipartisan Heroin Bill
  3. February 29: Portman Calls for Action on Bill to Fight Heroin Epidemic
  4. March 1: Portman Continues Push for Senate to Pass Anti-Heroin Bill
  5. March 2: Portman Discusses Significant Bipartisan Support for CARA
  6. March 3: Portman Talks about the Widespread Support for CARA on the Floor
  7. March 7: Portman Delivers Remarks on How CARA Helps Women & Babies
  8. March 8: Portman Discusses how CARA will help Veterans
  9. March 9: Portman Says Senate Passage of CARA is One Step Closer
  10. April 7: Portman to House: “I’m Not Going to be Patient” on CARA
  11. April 13: Portman Urges House to Move Quickly on CARA
  12. April 21: Portman Returns to Senate Floor for 3rd Time in as Many Weeks to Urge House to Pass CARA
  13. April 26: For the 4th Week in a Row, Senator Portman Urges House to Act on CARA
  14. May 12: Portman Returns to the Senate Floor to Discuss CARA
  15. May 18: Portman Thanks Police for Their Work to Combat the Drug Epidemic in Ohio
  16. May 26: Portman Talks CARA for 7th Time Since Passage
  17. June 8: On Prince’s Birthday, Portman Remembers Those Who Have Lost Their Lives to Drug Overdoses
  18. June 16: Portman Urges Quick Action from House and Senate on CARA
  19. June 22: Portman to the White House: Delaying CARA is Not an Option
  20. June 29: Portman on CARA: Let’s Put Politics Aside and Get Something Done
  21. July 7: On Senate Floor, Portman Discusses Dramatic Increases in Funding to Tackle Opioid Epidemic
  22. July 13: Portman Discusses Strong Support for CARA Ahead of Senate Vote
  23. September 7: Portman Introduces the STOP Act on the Senate Floor
  24. September 15: Portman Speaks on His Legislation to Stop Synthetic Opioid Trafficking
  25. September 22: Portman Returns to Senate Floor to Discuss STOP Act
  26. September 29: Portman Delivers 26th Speech This Year on Heroin and Prescription Drug Epidemic
  27. November 17: Portman Praises Surgeon General's Report on Addiction; Reinforces Need for CARA
  28. December 1: Portman Cites Progress on Opioid Epidemic, Highlights Stories from Ohio on the Fight Ahead
  29. December 9: On Senate Floor, Portman Raises Awareness of Heroin Epidemic for 29th Time this Year

These speeches represent just one of the many ways Portman is helping families affected by addiction. Portman was recently recognized by the Coalition to Stop Opioid Overdoses for his tireless work on this issue, and has done countless visits and interviews, used social media, delivered two GOP weekly addresses and more—all to raise awareness on this epidemic and pass legislation that will help save lives.


On Senate Floor, Portman Raises Awareness of Heroin Epidemic for 29th Time This Year