Last evening, MSNBC’s Kasie DC highlighted Senator Portman’s fight to pass the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA), legislation that will help deliver trafficking survivors the justice they deserve and hold accountable websites that knowingly facilitate online sex trafficking. SESTA passed the House overwhelmingly two weeks ago as part of broader anti-trafficking legislation, and it was endorsed by the White House recently as well. In remarks on the Senate floor last week, Portman said:

“We’ve got an opportunity to do something important here, to create a better, safer, and more just society. I’m hopeful next week we’ll have that legislation before this body, we’ll have the debate, we’ll pass the legislation and begin to provide these victims of trafficking for the justice they deserve—and most importantly, to stop women and children from being exploited online.” 

Video of the segment on MSNBC can be found here.