Jobs And The Economy

My top priority in the U.S. Senate is to promote policies that help create and foster an environment that leads to job creation and economic growth.

Too often, our government seems to do just the opposite. Rather than unleash the private sector, encouraging Ohioans to innovate and invest in new technologies and workers, government is instead saddling businesses with higher taxes, more burdensome regulations, and legislation we can't afford. While I will support and promote legislation to help Ohio small businesses succeed, I will also work to stop job-killing legislation that would make it harder for small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow.

I have traveled to every corner of our state, and everywhere I go I meet Ohioans who are frustrated by the lack of focus on jobs by their elected officials and who are looking for a new direction and real leadership to help Ohio's economy grow. My office will focus like a laser on jobs and Ohio's economy, rolling up our sleeves and working alongside regional chambers, economic development groups and businesses to bring jobs to Ohio.

Senate Republican Jobs For America Plan

With the help of my Senate Republican colleauges, I developed the Senate Republican Jobs for America plan, a blueprint to create private sector growth and strengthen the economy.

This is a pro-growth, pro-jobs plan that will create the environment necessary to get Americans back to work and ensure that American businesses are competitive globally.

Families and small businesses are weighed down by record debt and deficit, high taxes, burdensome regulations, and a costly health care plan that raises costs and reduces coverage.  This approach by Washington adds uncertainty for investors and costs for job creators.  The Jobs for America plan puts us on a path to an environment where families and small businesses can succeed, not just get by.

The Jobs for America plan focuses on budget, tax, regulatory, workforce, trade, energy, and health care proposals that form the basis of a pro-growth plan to foster American private sector job creation and turn the economy around.

In contrast to the plan proposed by Senate Republicans, Washington has turned to more government spending, higher taxes, while pushing for overly burdensome regulations on job creators and manufacturers – slowing our economic recovery.  We’ve already learned from experience that we can’t spend our way to prosperity. Instead, we must encourage employers to invest in their companies, hire new workers and enable them to compete globally, which is what the Senate Republican Jobs for America plan will do.

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