Defense And Veterans

I believe that America has a right to defend itself and that Congress has a tremendous responsibility to provide for our national defense.  I have and will continue to promote policies and legislation that will provide our military with the capabilities they need to protect America’s values here and abroad.  I will continue to serve as a steward of the American taxpayer – ensuring that the leaders of our Armed Services appropriately and effectively utilize your tax dollars to retain the right military capabilities and appropriately invest in the future force.  America faces serious diplomatic and military challenges in the years ahead.  As threats to our nation arise around the globe, there will need to be, in the words of President Eisenhower, “a speeding, a sharpening, a concentration that will extract the last cent of value from every dollar spent.”

Ohio's Important Role

Ohio is home to many important national assets such as the NASA Glenn Research Center, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center.  These are integral pieces of our nation’s defense and space programs.  Additionally, Ohio is home to a strong Army and Air National Guard that serve both State and homeland needs and have distinguished themselves through a long history of overseas deployments that have continued in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Additionally, thousands of Ohioans work in the aerospace and defense industry, developing cutting-edge technologies and building world-class commercial and military equipment, some of which directly support our young men and women in uniform. In all of their work, they build on the rich tradition handed down to them by Ohio legends, from the Wright Brothers to Neil Armstrong and John Glenn.  The industry faces challenges today as the nation's record debt is putting pressures on defense spending.  As we face these challenges, it is important that we all work together to help shape the future face of the Ohio defense industry and its ability to lead in critical research, development, and manufacturing for our military.

Taking Care Of Our Veterans

Our country is indebted to the men and women who have served in our military to defend our Nation and preserve its freedoms.  I am humbled by their service and am honored to advocate for our Veterans.  I will continue to promote legislation that assists our Veterans as they transition from the military, and once a part of the civilian sector affords them the benefits they have earned.