Portman: $19.9 Trillion Debt by the Numbers

Exactly How Enormous is Washington's National Debt?

19.88 Trillion In $1 Bills

• Would cover the entire State of Ohio 1.77 times
• Would stack to the moon 5 times 
• Would fill the Horseshoe at Ohio State over 9 times over 

• Would fill the Sears Tower 15 times over 

• Would cover every square inch of highways, road, parking lots, and pavement in the U.S. 

Other Comparisons

• $61,000 per person 
$166,600 per household 
32 times as large as the GDP of Ohio 
Greater than the size of our country's entire economy
Nearly value of the entire U.S. stock market

  • Enough to buy both the Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds 11,662 times