White House Endorses Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act

March 1, 2018 | Press Releases

After overwhelming passage in the House earlier this week, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders today expressed the Trump administration’s support for anti-trafficking legislation that includes the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA).  SESTA will help ensure justice for victims of sex trafficking and hold accountable websites such as Backpage.com that knowingly facilitate online sex trafficking.  Here’s what Sanders said:

“I’d like to highlight some positive and important work the House did on Tuesday by passing H.R. 1865.  This bill empowers federal, state, and local prosecutors to hold websites accountable for supporting the sale of sex-trafficking victims. 

“As you may recall, the President and Ivanka Trump met with survivors, law enforcement officials, and victims’ advocates here at the White House.  He made it clear that this administration will fight to hold sex traffickers accountable and to ensure survivors have the support they need.

“This bill is an important step forward.  And the White House appreciates the House taking action on a bipartisan basis.”

Senator Portman has repeatedly made clear that “every day we don’t act, there are more women and more children who are being trafficked,” and has urged the Senate to pass the bill as quickly as possible.  As Axios & Politico have reported, the Senate is expected to take up the House-passed bill in the next several weeks.