President Trump Praises Senator Portman, STOP Act at White House Signing Ceremony

October 24, 2018 | Press Releases

Today, at the White House signing ceremony on the opioids reform package, President Trump praised Senator Portman for his long, hard-fought effort to enact the Synthetics Trafficking & Overdose Prevention (STOP) Act, his bipartisan bill to help stop the influx of cheap, deadly synthetic drugs like fentanyl from being shipped into the U.S. from China through the Postal Service.  Here is what President Trump said just before he signed the bill into law:   

“I especially want to thank Senator Rob Portman for working to ensure that the bill gives law enforcement the tools and resources they need to stop ultra-lethal – think about that word, ultra-lethal, that’s a big statement – drugs like fentanyl from being trafficked throughout our mail. Rob, I do have to thank you. I know how hard you’ve worked, please stand up. How hard you’ve worked, thank you. Thank you, Rob.” 

This bill is a major victory for Ohio and for the country because it will strengthen the federal government’s response to the opioid crisis.  Importantly, the bill will increase access to long-term treatment and recovery while also helping stop the flow of deadly synthetic drugs like fentanyl from being shipped into the United States through our own Postal Service.  Portman has worked for more than two years to get priorities like the STOP Act signed into law.  For more on how the new law will benefit Ohio, click here.