Portman Statement on the Signing of the Democrats’ $1.9 Trillion Spending Bill

March 11, 2021 | Press Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Portman issued the following statement after President Biden signed into law the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion spending bill:

“When President Biden spoke of unity during his inaugural address, I was hopeful that Congress and the White House would work together in a bipartisan way to accomplish the next round of COVID-19 relief funding – just as we had done five times previously. Unfortunately, the opposite occurred. I along with nine other Republicans offered a targeted alternative package that focused on our shared priorities with the president, especially addressing this health care crisis by providing additional resources for producing and distributing vaccines.  Yet instead of working together on the most immediate health care and economic needs, the Democrats chose a partisan process and passed a $1.9 trillion spending bill that includes unnecessary spending on programs entirely unrelated to COVID-19.

“There are parts of this bill, especially those that mirror our Republican alternative on supporting the production and distribution of additional vaccines, that will help.  But there are hundreds of billions in spending in this measure that are unnecessary when we know that nearly half of the last $900 billion COVID-19 relief package enacted in December has yet to be spent.  We also know that a significant portion of spending in the bill signed into law today won’t be spent well into next year and years later.

“America’s economy is improving, and the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said recently that the economy will recover to pre-pandemic levels by mid-year without any additional stimulus. This makes it even more troubling that Democrats have passed this partisan and expensive bill that one prominent Democratic economist says could overheat an already recovering economy and lead to higher inflation, hurting middle-class families and threatening long-term growth.

“The American people deserve better than this bill and better than this process.”