Portman Introduces Jeff Rosen at Nomination Hearing to be United States Deputy Attorney General

April 10, 2019 | Press Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. Today, U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) introduced Jeffrey A. Rosen at his Judiciary Committee nomination hearing to be United States Deputy Attorney General. Rosen worked closely with Portman as his General Counsel and Senior Policy Advisor at the Office of Management and Budget and Portman is confident that he will serve with integrity and distinction as Deputy Attorney General.


A transcript of his remarks can be found below and a video can be found here:



“Thank you very much for allowing me to come today to introduce a friend of mine, Jeff Rosen, to be the Deputy Attorney General.


“Should he be confirmed – and I certainly hope he will be with a bipartisan vote as he has been in the past, in fact two times for senior positions, he’s going to be a great Deputy Attorney General. I’m confident he’ll serve with distinction based on my experience with him.


“He is a graduate of Northwestern University and a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School. As you’ll find from talking to lawyers on both sides of the aisle, he is one of the most respected lawyers in this town. 


“He’s an accomplished litigator and was a leading partner at the law firm Kirkland and Ellis. He has handled a lot of high-stakes, high-complexity cases over his 30 years of experience. He has litigated in more than 20 states, in just about every setting imaginable—jury trials, bench hearings, arbitrations, and appellate arguments—and on every topic—whether it’s contracts, antitrust law, securities, business torts, enforcement actions and product liability, class actions, you name it he’s done it. He’s also had management responsibilities there. He was co-head of their Washington office.


“In 2003, the Senate unanimously confirmed him to serve as Chief Legal Officer at the Department of Transportation.  There he supervised more than 400 employees – attorneys and advised the Secretary on a lot of issues. As the top lawyer at the Department, he rolled up his sleeves, learned the details of how the Department works, and gained a lot significant experience as a government lawyer.


“In 2006, when I was Director of the Office of Management and Budget, I reached out to Jeff because I knew him by reputation and had had a chance to work with him some in his role at DOT and I asked if he would join me at the Office of Management and Budget, in this case as our General Counsel but also as a Senior Policy Advisor. In that role he was always vigilant about the use of taxpayer dollars and his advice to me was always insightful, straightforward, and valued. And having worked closely with him, and knowing him well, I can attest to his integrity.


“In this administration, Jeff was nominated to serve as Deputy Secretary of the Department of Transportation and was confirmed by a bipartisan vote of 56-42. At DOT, Jeff has earned high marks.  In fact I’m sure he’s worked with some of you on the panel as he had with me on transportation issues. By the way, at that agency he has been COO, Chief Operating Officer, for an agency of 55,000 employees and a budget of over $80 billion.


“The role of Deputy Attorney General requires a unique mix of skills.  In many ways, it is like being the Chief Operating Officer of the Department of Justice.  The Deputy must be a capable lawyer and an adept manager. Jeff is both. In an April 2 letter, 49 former Department of Justice senior officials who served in a wide range of roles – including as prosecutors, civil litigators, and senior Department officials – said, and I quote: “Based on our experiences and our knowledge of Jeff’s service in government, his familiarity with the Department from his government service, and his work in private practice, we believe he is highly qualified to serve as Deputy Attorney General.” Again this is letter just sent a few days ago from 49 former DOJ officials.


“The Deputy Attorney General also must be a person of the highest integrity, and have a steady hand.  I have known Jeff a long time, and that describes Jeff Rosen.  But if you really want to get a sense of Jeff’s good judgment, just meet his wife Kathy who is with us today. One thing Jeff and I have in common is that we married way over our heads. Jeff married an Ohioan. A very smart man and she has that Ohio work ethic and that Ohio common sense that helps make Jeff an even better public servant and an even better man. Together they have three amazing kids—Anne, Sally, and James. And for all of Jeff’s professional accomplishments we’ve just talked about, I think that’s what Jeff is most proud of, his family. And rightly so.


“Jeff Rosen has the experience, the skills, and the temperament we want in a Deputy Attorney General, and I urge all of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to support his confirmation.”