At Hearing, Portman Introduces Ohio Nominee for Under Secretary of State

March 27, 2019 | Press Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. – At a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing this morning, Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) introduced Lakewood, Ohio native Keith Krach, who has been nominated to serve as the Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, and Energy and Environment. 

A transcript of his remarks can be seen below and a video can be found here:


“The great state of Ohio happens to have two nominees before you today. Mr. Destro is also a native of Ohio but I’m here to take the opportunity to introduce Keith Krach to be the Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, and Energy and Environment. 

“Keith is a native Ohioan, born in Lakewood, Ohio and raised in Rocky River, that’s near Cleveland. His parents, Elda and John Krach, he says are the most important mentors in his life, and that his dad was the best leader that he ever knew. For those who know Keith, and I’ve had the opportunity to meet him prior to his stepping up to this post, he takes after his parents. I think that’s the ultimate compliment.   

“You’ll see from his biography he is highly qualified for this position.  He is a natural leader, and has a long list of business accomplishments and successes. I think he’ll be the first to tell you that he would not have been able to do any of it without the support of his wife Metta, who is with him today, but he also has a few of his kids here as well. Stephen, Carter, seven year old twins JD and Emma. I see the seven year old twins are with you today, is that correct? Go JD and Emma! I know you all are all very proud of your dad and again, we’re proud of him for stepping up to take on this public service responsibility. 

“The job he has been nominated for is vital, not only to the State Department, but to our country right now.  As the Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and Environment he will have a really important responsibility as the senior economic official at the State Department. He will be Secretary Pompeo’s principal advisor on a lot of issues: international economic development, energy, agriculture, science and technology. Chairman Risch talked about some other responsibilities of that post earlier. He couldn’t be taking this position at a more important time for our country.  

“We’re strong in our economy right now, we’re blessed by that but frankly, it’s a dangerous and volatile world out there and specifically we face a lot of challenges. China continues to use unfair trade practices to undermine our economy, particularly in the area of intellectual property. Russia is trying to leverage the transit of natural gas through Europe with NORDSTREAM 2, which has enormous potential for foreign policy implications. Europe is wrestling with BREXIT and the possibilities there. We saw some news this morning about another change in Parliament taking over that issue. This has got ripple effects all over the EU and beyond.  And also, how do we capitalize on the opportunities of emerging markets throughout the world that want and need US leadership? I think that’s something we sometimes forget because there’s so many developing countries who are looking at us to provide that leadership and perhaps be a model of how free markets can work. 

“There is no doubt in my mind that Keith is up to this task. He has the academic background, with degrees from both Purdue and Harvard, to go along with an impressive business resume.  Starting out at 10 years with General Motors to his current job as CEO and Chairman of the Board of DocuSign.  I am proud to introduce my fellow Ohioan today and I know he will serve the Secretary, and this nation, with distinction. I urge my fellow senators to vote in favor of his nomination here in the committee and on the floor.”