With a Focus on Jobs, Portman Visits BASF Plant in Greenville

August 18, 2017 | Press Releases

GREENVILLE, OH – Today, U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) visited the BASF plant in Greenville. BASF recently began a $25 million expansion, investing more into its facility and employees in Greenville. Portman toured the ongoing expansion and discussed regulatory reform, trade, and the need for Career and Technical Education to ensure we have the workforce to meet growing Ohio businesses’ needs.

It was great to be back at BASF to see their continued investment in Ohio and our workers with the ongoing $25 million expansion. I’m working on pro-growth regulatory reform that will help businesses like BASF continue to invest, grow, and create more jobs with better wages in Ohio,” said Senator Portman. “We also discussed how companies like BASF, which is expanding here in Greenville, want to hire, but they need workers with the right skills. Career and Technical Education (CTE) is one answer to bridging this skills gap. I believe well-developed CTE programs can connect hardworking students to good jobs and help boost Ohio’s economy with a more skilled workforce, which is why I’ll keep working on my bipartisan legislation to ensure kids get the quality education they deserve.”


NOTE: Portman’s top priority in the Senate continues to be boosting Ohio jobs and the economy. In recent interviews, Portman has described the urgent need to simplify our tax code and reform our burdensome regulatory system to encourage more job creation and investment in America. He recently introduced bipartisan legislation – the Regulatory Accountability Act – designed to make federal regulations smarter and more effective so they better support businesses, families, and jobs. Portman, who recently visited Cincinnati Crane & Hoist, has been named a “Hero of Main Street” and “Fiscal Hero” for his work on these issues. 

Portman has toured the state of Ohio to meet with manufacturers and workers and has fought consistently on their behalf, whether it’s passing a bipartisan energy efficiency bill, working to strengthen the competitiveness of American manufacturers, or helping Ohio manufacturers win trade enforcement cases to support our workers and ensure that foreign competitors are playing by the rules. Portman, who serves as co-chair of the Senate Career and Technical Education Caucus, introduced the bipartisan CTE Excellence and Equity Act to support re-designing the high school experience to include courses more relevant to the 21st century workforce to better prepare students for future careers. Earlier this year he also led the bipartisan effort to raise the quality of CTE and joined Senator Kaine to introduce the bipartisan JOBS Act to help students access training for the 5.5 million vacant jobs that are unfilled in part because of a shortage of qualified workers.