A Campaign for Change: Portman Floor Speeches Urging Action on Opioid Epidemic Deliver Results

October 10, 2018 | Press Releases

In 2016, Senator Portman helped foster a national conversation on addition and the opioid epidemic, delivering 29 speeches on the Senate floor calling for action.  The effort culminated in the enactment of his bipartisan Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA), the first comprehensive legislation to combat addiction in more than two decades and provides resources directly to evidence-based prevention, treatment, and recovery programs.  Portman also helped secure $1 billion to combat the opioid epidemic in the 21st Century CURES legislation that became law at the end of 2016, and Ohio has received $26 million each of the past two years from that legislation. Despite the progress in Congress, the opioid epidemic has continued to get worse. 

Over the last two years, in this new Congress, Portman has continued to deliver results.  With 25 floor speeches, dozens of visits around Ohio, and an 18-month investigation in the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations he chairs that revealed how fentanyl is shipped from countries like China into the U.S. through our own Postal Service, Portman has led efforts in the U.S. Senate to fight this epidemic.  The STOP Act, as well as Portman’s bipartisan Improving CARE Act, bipartisan CRIB Act, and a number of initiatives from his bipartisan CARA 2.0 Act, were included in the comprehensive opioid legislation the Senate passed this week by a final vote of 98-1. That legislation is now on its way to the president’s desk to be signed into law.  

Following is a list of Senator Portman’s 25 floor speeches over the last two years (54 in total over the last three years) on the opioid epidemic and his legislation to help combat this crisis: 

(10/03/18) – Senate Passage of Opioid Package a Turning Point and a Glimmer of Hope

(10/02/18) – 4,000 Percent Increase in Ohio Fentanyl Deaths Since 2013 Underscores Need to Enact STOP Act

(09/17/18) – Comprehensive Opioid Legislation Senate is Voting on Will Give Communities, People Tools to Overcome Addiction

(09/12/18) – STOP Act Will Act as a Tourniquet to Stop the Flow of Fentanyl Into Our Country

(09/06/18) – 850 Percent Increase in National Fentanyl Deaths Since 2013 Underscores Need to Enact STOP Act

(08/21/18) – 72,000 Americans Died From Overdoses Last Year, We Need to do More

(08/15/18) – Seeing Success of CARA and CURES Laws, Congress Must Now Combat Rise of Fentanyl

(07/19/18) – Two Fentanyl Seizures in Ohio Enough to Kill Half the Population of the State

(06/28/18) – Six Months in, Tax Reform is Working, Need to Combat Addiction to Address Workforce Needs

(06/14/18) – House Passes STOP Act, Now it’s the Senate’s Turn

(05/24/18) – During Tele-Town Hall, Two-Thirds of Ohioans Say They Know Someone Directly Affected by Opioids, Congress Must Act

(05/17/18) – Congress Must Pass STOP Act and Hold Postal Service Accountable, Not a Weaker Alternative

(05/14/18) – Synthetic Opioids are a New Danger Facing Officers, Portman Says During Police Week

(05/09/18) – The Opioid Epidemic is Depleting U.S. Workforce at a Time When Companies are Looking to Hire

(04/27/18) – CARA 2.0 and STOP Act Needed to do More to Turn the Tide of Opioid Addiction

(02/27/18) – CARA 2.0 Represents Next Step in Combatting Opioid Epidemic, Helping Communities Heal

(02/08/18) – Bipartisan Budget Agreement Provides $6 Billion to Combat Opioid Epidemic, Must Direct it Toward Programs Proven to Work

(01/30/18) – Portman-Chaired PSI Releases Shocking Report Highlighting How Overseas Drug Traffickers Exploit U.S. Mail System

(05/22/17) – East Liverpool Police Officer Nearly Dying From Fentanyl Overdose Underscores Need to Pass STOP Act

(05/09/17) – We Need to Fully Fund Drug Free Communities Programs to Combat Youth Addiction

(05/03/17) – Fully Funding CARA Will Make the Federal Government a Better Partner for Communities Gripped by Addiction

(04/05/17) – Ahead of Trump’s Meeting With Chinese President, Portman Urges Him to Address Chinese Shipment of Fentanyl Into U.S.

(03/06/17) – CARA and CURES are Working, Next Congress Should Enact the STOP Act to Combat Synthetic Opioids

(02/16/17) – Portman Introduces the Bipartisan Synthetics Trafficking and Overdose Prevention (STOP) Act

(02/03/17) – For the First Time in 23 Years, Life Expectancy is Down, Congress Must Address the Opioid Epidemic to Save Lives