VIDEO: Portman Highlights OneFifteen’s Efforts To Help Those Recovering from Addiction

September 21, 2020 | Portman Difference

In a new video, Senator Portman discusses his recent participation in the ribbon cutting ceremony for OneFifteen Living, the residential housing facility which is part of OneFifteen’s health care ecosystem dedicated to the full and sustained recovery of people suffering from addiction. The 26,300 square foot building has 29 double-occupancy rooms with separate living spaces for men and women. Portman attended the launch of the OneFifteen campus grand opening back in June of 2019.   

A transcript of the video can be found below and the video can be found here. 


“I’m at OneFifteen today in Dayton, Ohio. This is an innovative nonprofit that deals with substance abuse. They came to Dayton just over a year ago with an outpatient treatment center -- that’s been successful. Sixteen hundred people have gone through that. They provide everything from the medically necessary treatment for opioid addiction, to job placement, and everything in between. Today, we opened what’s called a residential treatment center. This is exciting, because what the evidence shows is that longer term recovery, including residential treatment, is very important to long-term success of turning people’s lives around and getting them truly clean and sober. So it’s a good thing that we’ve opened this residential treatment center today, particularly during this pandemic, because we were finally making progress in Ohio and around the country, based on some federal legislation that I’ve taken the lead on and great actions at the state and local level. But that’s been reversed a little bit during this pandemic. We’ve actually seen now an increase, again, in overdoses after finally seeing a decrease. So it’s very important it be reopened and reopened now. We’re going to continue the fight in Washington. I’m the author of the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act. About $3 million has come to the Dayton area already through that legislation. They just received another federal grant for this facility, as an example, for outreach. We also have new legislation, a new bill that’s called the TREATS Act, which would make permanent some of the telehealth options that are being used now for treatment. I was told today that about 15 percent of the patients are being treated through telehealth and it’s working surprisingly well. I hear this all around the state. So we’ve got to get the TREATS Act passed as part of the next COVID-19 package. And then, of course, we’re reintroducing the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act. We call it CARA 2.0. That legislation will help to expand treatment even further and to ensure that we can, not just make progress on the opioid epidemic, but as increasingly people are using meth and cocaine, mixing it with fentanyl, that we can really begin to reverse the tide.”