On Fox Business, Portman Discusses Government Funding Legislation & the Green New Deal

February 14, 2019 | Portman Difference

In an interview with Fox Business’ Varney & Co. this morning, Senator Portman said he is optimistic that the Senate will pass legislation to fund the government today. Portman also discussed alternative ideas to the Green New Deal that will reduce emissions and make America more energy efficient without hurting job creation and raising prices for Ohio families. 

Excerpts of his interview can be found below and a video can be found here:



“We do need to fund the priorities at the border and by the way, border security should not be a tough issue for us to address. There are so many opportunities to strengthen border security where we agree, including barriers, which has always been something Democrats have supported in the past. But we also need more cameras, remote sensing technology, and of course we want better screening at the ports of entry.  So if all of that is in there and there’s more border protection, and we pass the other six appropriation bills that have already been agreed to on a bipartisan basis, in the Senate at least, I think it will get more than 60 votes.  I think it will get more than 70.”


“I don't think it gets many votes at all because it would raise prices considerably for the families I represent across Ohio. About 80 percent of our electricity in Ohio is generated by fossil fuels of one kind or another, and we’re making progress on reducing emissions. By the way, our emissions in the United States of America are the lowest they have been since 1992. So we have quietly made progress while other countries have sort of pounded their chest and made a big deal of these international agreements, we’re quietly using more energy efficiency, doing the things that actually reduce the carbon footprint. So I think this goes in the opposite direction. 

“Well I think that’s why Mitch McConnell would like to bring it up for a vote. I think there will be very few votes for it. But it depends on what it says because I don’t know what the language will be. I’ve heard all sorts of things, the global income idea is really just about guaranteeing an income. There’s this notion about people being unwilling to work who would benefit so it depends what they actually put into the language.” 


“There’s so many things that we could do that do make sense so let’s use the market to try to reduce emissions.  We’ve got an energy efficiency bill that would be the equivalent to taking about 20 million cars off the road in 10 years. Republicans and Democrats alike are for that. More efficiency is good for our economy and good for businesses that plug into your show and watch you because they can be more competitive globally in Japan, Europe and more places with energy efficiency so there are things that actually make a difference and don’t kill jobs.”