Business and Trade Leaders Praise Portman’s Efforts to Get USMCA Done

January 22, 2020 | Portman Difference

The U.S. Trade Representative and other key leaders in Ohio have praised Senator Portman for his efforts to help pass the U.S.-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade agreement. Portman has been a leading advocate for USMCA, which will create at least 176,000 new jobs, expand opportunities for agricultural trade, encourage new opportunities for auto jobs in America, and add a new section on digital trade to make online sales easier. He has been consistently supportive of this modernized trade agreement, which will replace the 25-year-old NAFTA. USMCA passed the Senate yesterday with an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote of 89-10. It now heads to the president’s desk to be signed into law.

Here’s what business and trade leaders from Ohio and across the nation are saying:

“I thank Senator Portman for helping to make the USMCA a huge success for Ohio and for America’s workers, farmers, ranchers and businesses.  His outstanding leadership and expertise are tremendous assets as we work to negotiate better trade agreements and strengthen America’s trade policy,” said United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

“Ohio has a long, proud history of a productive and industrious workforce uniquely capable of manufacturing the products and growing the commodities that consumers all over the world want to purchase,” said President and CEO of the Ohio Business Roundtable, Pat Tiberi.  “USMCA will ensure continued access to the Canadian and Mexican markets, guarantee that Ohio’s exports enter these markets tariff free, and usher in greater prosperity for Ohioans, our communities, and our businesses.  The Ohio Business Roundtable congratulates the House, Senate and the President for working in bipartisan collaboration for the good of the American economy.”

“For years, the strong trade relationship between the U.S., Mexico and Canada has been invaluable for Ohio farmers and USMCA solidifies that relationship. With the Senate passage of USMCA, we celebrate this hard-fought win and we commend Sen. Portman for all of his efforts to help solidify the relationships we have with our North American trading partners,” said President of Ohio Farm Bureau, Frank Burkett III.

“On behalf of America’s automakers, we wish to thank Senator Portman and his colleagues on both sides of the aisle for their leadership in passing USMCA, a 21st-century trade agreement that will help the U.S. auto industry and the millions of jobs it supports remain competitive,” said Governor Matt Blunt, President of the American Automotive Policy Council.