Federal Casework FAQ

One of the most important jobs I have is helping my constituents when they are having problems with Federal agencies. Here are a few quick questions to help you determine if I can assist you in your case:

Do you reside in the state of Ohio?

Congressional courtesy, ethics rules and propriety dictate that each Member of Congress has the honor and responsibility to serve his or her own constituents. If you live outside of Ohio, please contact your home state senator so that they may be of assistance.

Does your case involve a Federal agency?

As a Federal representative, I am able to make inquiries of Federal agencies. If your case involves state, county, or local government, your public school district or other public agencies, please contact those respective agencies directly.

Does the case you are concerned about involve you?

Due to privacy laws, I must have the written consent of my constituent in order to make an official inquiry. However, I will be happy to listen to your concerns regarding a constituent who is having difficulty. Please contact my office and outline the situation so that we can determine whether we may be of assistance. My office can then contact the constituent directly to obtain their written consent.

Is your situation a legal dispute?

As a member of the Legislative Branch, I am unable to become involved in court cases or legal issues. This restriction is due to the Separation of Powers as outlined in the Constitution. This restriction applies to both civil and criminal matters.

Is your case within the agency’s normal processing time?

It is rare that a case can be “sped up” for any reason other than extreme hardship. If you believe your situation merits faster processing, please contact my Columbus casework office. My staff will discuss your situation and help you determine the proper strategy.

How do I receive a privacy release?

Once you have asked yourself these questions and determined that your case is something I can assist you with, please feel free to contact my office via telephone, fax, US postal mail, email or in person. If I can assist you, you must complete a privacy release so that my office can initiate an agency inquiry on your behalf.

What assistance can you expect from my office?

My office is here to assist constituents with problems involving a federal agency. Although I am unable to assure a specific outcome regarding a particular case, I may make inquiries as to the status of your case, obtain additional information, or direct you to appropriate resources or services. My role is to assure you a fair and thorough review of your case and to seek a timely response from the agency.

If you are still unsure whether I can assist you with your case, please contact my Columbus casework office. My staff will discuss your situation with you and work with you to determine the best course of action.