In Columbus, Portman Delivers Remarks at Intel’s Groundbreaking of New Semiconductor Facility

September 9, 2022 | Press Releases

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) delivered remarks at the historic groundbreaking ceremony for Intel’s semiconductor plant in New Albany, Ohio – which will be the largest economic development investment in state history. Portman has advocated for Ohio as a prime location for semiconductor manufacturing, given Ohio’s well-trained workforce, energy infrastructure, and available land.  

Portman also helped spearhead Senate enactment of the CHIPS Act, which invests $52 billion in semiconductor technology and provides thousands of good-paying jobs to communities across the country. In Ohio, this legislation will increase Intel’s $20 billion investment in New Albany to build two semiconductor foundries to potentially $100 billion and eight total foundries.

A transcript of his remarks can be found below.

“It is awesome to be here this morning with everyone to celebrate a huge victory for Ohio jobs, and for Ohio’s future. And our country’s future. As we break ground on our country’s most advanced semiconductor fabs in the world – unbelievable – creating this ecosystem that will be a silicon heartland. There are many to thank and congratulate. President Biden, who has made his way to the Buckeye state today, I can’t wait to hear what your walk on song is going to be; Governor DeWine, who just spoke; Lt. Governor Husted; Senator Brown; Representatives Balderson, Beatty, and other House colleagues who are here; members of the Ohio House and Senate providing important legislation for the incentive package; local officials; Doctor Johnson; economic development officials, those professional like J.P. and Kenny who worked their heart out. But most importantly, today, congratulations to the people of the great state of Ohio. It is your victory. Today, as we acknowledge all of the hard work that went into bringing Intel to Ohio, we also acknowledge the hard work before us that now begins. As we begin to close America’s competitiveness gap, that has grown dangerously wide with regard to semiconductor manufacturing, I’m really proud that Ohioans will play an important role in closing this gap.

“Special thanks to CEO Pat Gelsinger and his Intel team, for the confidence they have shown in the people of Ohio. Pat and I have had a lot of conversations in the last couple of years, about what Ohio brings to the table. I will tell you, as a Midwestern farm kid, he got it instinctively. He understood that our Midwestern values – hard work, resourcefulness, a legacy of manufacturing, and a willingness to embrace technology – fit exactly what Intel needed. Incentives from the governor, state legislature, and the local community didn’t hurt. But honestly, every state had an incentive package. Ohio’s pro-jobs, pro-business environment that Governor DeWine and state legislature have nurtured helped. And the new federal infrastructure law is timely. But folks, none of this works without the skilled Ohio workforce that they need. Now it’s up to all of us to earn the confidence they have shown in Ohio. And we will.

“As will be said later today when we hear from Pat and the president, the passage of the federal CHIPS-plus Act was also critical in making today a reality. I was honored to help lead that effort in the Senate. Each of my Senate and House colleagues here today played an important role. In this case, at least, Congress put partisanship aside and focused on how to close the growing gap in semiconductors and other technologies that will ultimately determine the fate of nations. Our dwindling U.S. semiconductor manufacturing is both an economic and national security concern. Not only has our share of global chip manufacturing capacity over the past 30 years fallen from nearly 40 percent to 12 percent, but semiconductors are more important than ever for everything, from F-150s to F-35s. And 90 percent of high-end chips being made in Taiwan and China dramatically growing its capacity, the supply chain has become more vulnerable, putting at risk the American economy and our military advantage. If it works as intended, the CHIPS Science Act will be the catalyst to spur all kinds of record-breaking technological investments and innovations. Not just CHIPS, and not just here in New Albany, as important as it is, but around the country and across the state. Intel’s announcement to build here has already caused suppliers to look at Ohio because of the semiconductors.

“So let’s get to work. Like we did with the CHIPS plus legislation, let’s link arms across the aisle and at every level of government and the private sector, to meet the need. Let’s help the building trades, and ensure those 7,000 skilled construction workers are there. Let’s help Intel ensure the 3,000 skilled employees they need, and thousands of additional workers that suppliers across this state and region are there, with the skills they need. Let’s pass the bipartisan JOBS Act in the United States Congress to redirect federal resources to skills training. If we all continue to work shoulder-to-shoulder as we have, this investment has the potential to be transformational for Ohio and help America continue to be at the forefront of technological innovation and thus continue to be that beacon of hope and opportunity for the rest of the world. Thank you and Godspeed.”